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With so much erotic fiction out there, it’s time to get even creative-r.

5 Plot Lines Erotic Novels Desperately Need to Adopt

#5. Allergy Plot Twists

Think about it: Humans are commonly allergic to the hair, saliva, or dander of other mammals, and there’s no reason these allergies wouldn’t also be set off by mystical creatures or shapeshifting humans. Shapeshifters spend a lot of time in the forest, so they’d be covered in pollen half the year as well. Allergy-heartache could even apply to vampires: If you’re an immortal creature that doesn’t breathe or poop or sweat, you don’t have to change your clothes very often, so you’d probably get dusty as hell. “Boy meets girl, girl breaks out in hives” is a romance plot that writes itself. And yet, as an allergy sufferer myself, I can tell you that we’re an unrepresented market in any book genre, let alone erotica.

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